Keto Stir Fry.

WAIT! Don’t leave just because I used the word KETO! This is such a great way to get your veggies in, no matter what religion you worship ~ vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, or cookie monster! I am quite ecumenical ~ I’m a lover and believer in all of those disciplines. Whatever makes you feel amazing. But this month, I’m doing a 30-day keto reset and … Continue reading Keto Stir Fry.

cauliflower rice bowl.

Is that pretty? It’s pretty to me because I know just how comforting this little bowl of delicious umami is. Because I just tucked into my second bowl. Because I can when it’s cauliflower. BOOM. Here’s the recipe! CAULIFLOWER RICE BOWL 1 tablespoon butter or coconut oil chopped crispy prosciutto or bacon (skip the sulfites) chopped pineapple cauliflower, riced (I used a bag of already-riced cauliflower) … Continue reading cauliflower rice bowl.

blackened cauliflower cakes.

here’s what i did: in a blender or food processor (my food processor broke so i’m using a blender), mix the whole head of already-roasted cauliflower (that had been in the fridge the entire week), squeeze the entire head of already-roasted garlic in (it’s super mild since you roasted it), add a little bit of veggie stock if you’re using a blender to get it going, an … Continue reading blackened cauliflower cakes.