Decaf Earl Chai Tea.

Chai tea is so lovely on a cold, cozy night at home. Snuggle up with a good book, a warm blanket, and a mug of hot, spicy Chai, and you are most definitely living your best life. But where are the decaf chai tea choices? Huh? It’s virtually impossible to buy decaf chai tea anywhere, so just make your own! It’s super easy! Okay, you … Continue reading Decaf Earl Chai Tea.

Chai Spiced Hot Apple Cider.

Here is a great new hot drink for your Whole 30 enjoyment! CHAI TEA Boil at least 2 cups water and drop in the following: cinnamon sticks cardomom pods allspice or cloves whole star anise pods I bought a chai mix at my local spice store, to make it easier and cheaper. You could even add black peppercorns, or black tea leaves. Steep the aromatics … Continue reading Chai Spiced Hot Apple Cider.