Day 1: M&M’s

Here we go, kids! It’s August 1, and I am so ready. I’m nervous, I’m unsure of myself, and I’m definitely feeling that discomfort that comes just before I say negative things to myself, and quit. NOT THIS TIME!   I’m going to push through this time ~ to the NEXT LEVEL! I’m treating this day, August 1st, as a new year. One year of … Continue reading Day 1: M&M’s


Dare I share this? I am notorious for starting something, blogging about it, and not following through with it. How many Whole 30’s, or Whole 21’s have there been? UGH. I hate not having any follow-through. But here I go again! Back on the horse. Here goes… I’ve been reading Julia Cameron’s life-changing book: The Artist’s Way. I have one more chapter left, and then … Continue reading THE THREE M’S.