Day 34/365.

I’ve tried to write this post for five days now, and every time I start, I get lost in a million thoughts. I don’t want these to be too long and laborious, and I definitely don’t want them to be a play-by-play of all the amaaaaahzing things I’ve learned and accomplished ~ brag brag brag, or even worse, all the crap things that have happened … Continue reading Day 34/365.

WHOLE 30: DAY 8.

the other night, i read this awesome article about changing bad habits, and it stressed the importance of finding other things in your life ~ positive things ~ to obsess about and become your habit. they call it a TOOLBOX.  all summer, i’ve been calling it “choosing luxury”. so, what’s in your LUXURY TOOLBOX? i’m just starting to form mine, but here’s what i’ve come … Continue reading WHOLE 30: DAY 8.