homemade almond milk.

DIVINE. absolutely divine. i drank it like it was a glass of milk right after i made it. and i hated milk as a kid, so i’ve never really enjoyed anything like this.  it’s so creamy and comforting.  i get it now, milk drinkers.  i get it. here’s how you do it: in a mason jar, cover a cup of almonds with 2 cups of … Continue reading homemade almond milk.

bavarian mushroom stew.

it may seem like a weird thing to love, but i love sauerkraut.  i also love pickles and all pickled vegetables.  i love the salty brine, the hit of sour, and the crunch. and pickled vegetables love me back!  research shows that if you can get in a cup of fermented vegetables every day, your gut will thank you. well here’s a soup that’s packed … Continue reading bavarian mushroom stew.

fresh gooseberry tartlets.

(just updated this recipe ~ accidentally wrote baking powder, but i meant soda!) need something pretty to look at this hot, steamy summer’s day? feast your eyes on this… mini gooseberry tartlets, y’all.  made with fresh gooseberries from the farmers’ market, a honey crisp apple to sweeten those tart little buggers up, and my favorite grain-free, dairy-free, almond crust.  love love love… if you come … Continue reading fresh gooseberry tartlets.

“anything goes” green detox soup.

welcome to the dreary and boring winters of kansas city.  not nearly enough snow, no sun, no nothing. the only drama one can drum up is in the kitchen. i don’t know if a healthy, hearty, green detox soup is dramatic, but it sure makes me feel like i can do anything. two weeks ago, i did a juice fast.  just for three days.  it … Continue reading “anything goes” green detox soup.

chia pudding. (dairy free)

have you tried this stuff?  i had no idea it would be this good, or this filling.  i had 1/2 cup, or less than that really, at 7:00 this morning, and three hours later i was still going strong! and that’s after a rigorous training session at the gym! i’m so glad i tried it. i don’t know how appealing this actually looks.  think “tapioca”, … Continue reading chia pudding. (dairy free)

spinach and cannellini dip.

this is an amazingly healthy recipe, and quite full of flavor too.  this is another “giada” recipe, from her healthy cookbook ~ here’s what you need… 2 bags of organic baby spinach 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 can cannellini beans, drained and rinsed juice of a lemon (or two) S&P olive oil balsamic vinegar (the white kind, if you’ve got it) directions heat olive oil in … Continue reading spinach and cannellini dip.