Oh friends, I TOLD you. I TOLD you I would add more to the list. The three M’s are about to expand to four. I forgot. Forgive me. I almost didn’t want to bother you all with this, but my friend Liz (Hi, Liz!) just told me she wanted to add an M! Then I thought, “Well, now I’ve gotta do it!” It was a … Continue reading ONE MORE M?


i am having a really tough month.  well actually, october was tough.  it’s november now, isn’t it.  i’ve always had bouts of depression since i was little.  did you know that depression and gut issues go hand in hand?  cure one, possibly cure the other?  well i’ve had both my entire life, so there you go.  and also, i’m the artist type who doesn’t believe … Continue reading UGH.


last night, i had a meltdown.  a “why isn’t this running, no wheat, no sugar thing working!!!!!” meltdown.  i am working my butt off, literally, to lose just 5 pounds.  i want to lose more than that, but 5 pounds would lighten my heart, release my worry, and make me feel like i’m doing all the right things for future success. and of course, the … Continue reading confession.