My lovely Mother-in-Law asked me to post my pesto recipe. Hi Cindy! Pesto is one of my all-time favorite foods to have in the freezer, ready to add quick and fresh flavor to anything and everything. I like to freeze the pesto in ice cube trays, then pop the cubes out and store them in a ziplock bag. You can drop one or two into … Continue reading Pesto.

kitchen sink gazpacho.

it’s time for cold summer soups, y’all!  a long time ago, i found this incredible soup recipe with honey dew melon in it, and peas and asparagus, i think.  and mint.  mint turns everything into a party, doesn’t it?  it’s somewhere in my mess of recipes, and when i find it, i’ll share it with you. in the meantime, pull out your leftovers and make … Continue reading kitchen sink gazpacho.