Vive la Buddha Bowl!

The Buddha Bowl is the ANSWER for so many things: 1. gluten free, paleo, and keto styles of eating 2. diverse, easy ways to cook “ethnic” food (not sure if that’s the PC way to say it) 2. eating with your eyes (I love pretty food) 3. getting your veggies ON 4. only messing up one pan and one bowl!!! And the one I’m going … Continue reading Vive la Buddha Bowl!


avocados and fruit for breakfast.

Good morning, lovely people! I think you all know by now that my favorite subject is HEALTHY BREAKFAST FOODS. Although, lately I’ve been partaking a little too much in the coffee shop pastry genre. I can’t say I’m sad about it. For me, if I have a decadent everything bagel with cream cheese or a croissant on Monday morning, I crave it every morning for … Continue reading avocados and fruit for breakfast.