avocados and fruit for breakfast.

Good morning, lovely people! I think you all know by now that my favorite subject is HEALTHY BREAKFAST FOODS. Although, lately I’ve been partaking a little too much in the coffee shop pastry genre. I can’t say I’m sad about it. For me, if I have a decadent everything bagel with cream cheese or a croissant on Monday morning, I crave it every morning for … Continue reading avocados and fruit for breakfast.

fruit with caramelized cream.

mmmm…. a total, absolute hit. the original recipe is BERRIES with caramelized cream.  so i made that the first time.  the second time, i decided to make it a little more autumnal with fried apples.  also amazing.  i loved both equally ~ and i especially loved the fact that it had NO SUGAR. the recipe calls for stevia, which is a product i really wasn’t … Continue reading fruit with caramelized cream.