Honeydew and Lemon Balm Chilled Soup.

The Hub and I created this phrase ~ “The Network of Luxury”. These are close friends who also happen to possess amazing gifts, talents, lake houses, or other incredible benefits that make your friendship just that much richer. Perfect example: our friends, Kate and Anna, own a farm called Roots, Fruits and Greens Farm, and have started an online delivery business ~ http://www.farmici.com. They sell … Continue reading Honeydew and Lemon Balm Chilled Soup.

avocados and fruit for breakfast.

Good morning, lovely people! I think you all know by now that my favorite subject is HEALTHY BREAKFAST FOODS. Although, lately I’ve been partaking a little too much in the coffee shop pastry genre. I can’t say I’m sad about it. For me, if I have a decadent everything bagel with cream cheese or a croissant on Monday morning, I crave it every morning for … Continue reading avocados and fruit for breakfast.

fruit with caramelized cream.

mmmm…. a total, absolute hit. the original recipe is BERRIES with caramelized cream.  so i made that the first time.  the second time, i decided to make it a little more autumnal with fried apples.  also amazing.  i loved both equally ~ and i especially loved the fact that it had NO SUGAR. the recipe calls for stevia, which is a product i really wasn’t … Continue reading fruit with caramelized cream.