fresh gooseberry tartlets.

(just updated this recipe ~ accidentally wrote baking powder, but i meant soda!) need something pretty to look at this hot, steamy summer’s day? feast your eyes on this… mini gooseberry tartlets, y’all.  made with fresh gooseberries from the farmers’ market, a honey crisp apple to sweeten those tart little buggers up, and my favorite grain-free, dairy-free, almond crust.  love love love… if you come … Continue reading fresh gooseberry tartlets.

fruit with caramelized cream.

mmmm…. a total, absolute hit. the original recipe is BERRIES with caramelized cream.  so i made that the first time.  the second time, i decided to make it a little more autumnal with fried apples.  also amazing.  i loved both equally ~ and i especially loved the fact that it had NO SUGAR. the recipe calls for stevia, which is a product i really wasn’t … Continue reading fruit with caramelized cream.

lavender creme brulee w/fresh berries.

okay, this recipe was completely stolen from the internet.  but i did i lot of searching to find a really good one ~ and this is my favorite.  it was so incredibly good.  people were moaning and hmmm-ing and ooo-ing as they ate it, and i wish i had made seconds for everyone. this recipe is from the helpful website “FOOD.” in fact, here’s the … Continue reading lavender creme brulee w/fresh berries.