rice-stuffed portobello mushrooms.

warning:  this dish is NOT dairy free!  i’m trying to reduce my dairy intake, but this one was worth it. these are pretty enough for a dinner party, but perfect for a boring tuesday night as well. these mushrooms are a meal all by themselves.  i served them with a g-free pesto pasta because i needed to get rid of it before it went bad. … Continue reading rice-stuffed portobello mushrooms.


chilled asparagus soup w/goat-yogurt cheese.

this recipe is adapted from food network chef anne burrell’s chilled asparagus soup ~ but tweaked it quite a bit.  i looked and looked for a chilled asparagus soup that would ensure a bright green, beautiful color.  and i really didn’t find one, so i added a few ingredients to get the green color i wanted.  it was still a little darker than i like, … Continue reading chilled asparagus soup w/goat-yogurt cheese.

spanish tapas 101: roasted asparagus w/goat cheese dressing.

you know when you get creative and you put unique flavors together and it just works?  this is one of those stories.  i found this gorgeous goat cheese dressing recipe in my “el farol” cookbook from santa fe, and decided to make it a dipping sauce for roasted asparagus, but with a kick. isn’t that delectable?  it really was.  i mean ~ who needs bread?!!! here’s … Continue reading spanish tapas 101: roasted asparagus w/goat cheese dressing.

cranberry relish from thanksgiving.

so there’s this soup we have every thanksgiving.  it’s so yummy ~ it’s pumpkin creme bisque, or some name like that.  and it has this incredible cranberry relish that goes on top of it.  i eat large spoonfuls of it while cooking the soup ~ i can’t help myself.  here’s the recipe… cranberry relish dried cranberries, celery, red onion, pecan pieces (or walnut), a green … Continue reading cranberry relish from thanksgiving.

tomatoes. that’s all.

there are friends. there are really great friends. and then, there are really great friends who give you tomatoes from their garden. ooh laa laaaaa…. no recipe attached.  i just wanted to remind you of how easy and healthy an afternoon snack can be.  for me, today, it was a precursor to a bowl of soup.  here’s my version of heaven… a few grape tomatoes from a friend’s garden … Continue reading tomatoes. that’s all.