creamy avocado spread.

put that jar of mayo down!  you don’t need it anymore! friends, this is the best sandwich spread i have ever eaten.  i made it up myself this morning, when i had a hankering for a turkey sandwich.  or, in my house, a SAMwich.  (the hub might never be here, but he’s not forgotten!) let me back up ~ i’m on this diet that i … Continue reading creamy avocado spread.

dill pasta salad w/yogurt dressing

Gooooood morning from Indiana!!!  It’s absolutely beautiful here ~ cool breeze, hot sun, and we’re out in the middle of the country, eating amazing food, having fun with family, and watching the corn grow! Last night I made a pasta salad to go with my brother-in-law’s incredible charcoal-grilled-to-perfection ribeye steaks.  MAN they were good.  And the pasta salad wasn’t too shabby either. Got a little … Continue reading dill pasta salad w/yogurt dressing

GF butternut squash lasagna.

gluten free, meat free, but through the ROOF with flavor, y’all! remember that dinner party i posted?  this is the recipe for the butternut squash yumminess from that night. it all started with a recipe from giada de laurentiis ~ i found it years ago and have been making her version for years.  thank you, giada!  but for my recent dinner party, i decided to … Continue reading GF butternut squash lasagna.

greek yogurt 101.

recently, i’ve discovered the amazing versatility of greek yogurt.  i personally don’t enjoy yogurt by itself, with fruit, or anything sweet.  but i do like it in dressings, dips, sauces, etc. we all know you can add greek yogurt to a creamy sauce, and it makes it thicker and tangier.  but did you know you can simply use greek yogurt alone, and leave out the … Continue reading greek yogurt 101.

fall pastitio.

this just in. it’s official. you heard it here first. i’ve officially turned into my mother. they all said it would happen, and i’ve even seen evidence of the phenomenon in other women.  my own mother even warned me that she looked in the mirror and saw her mother staring back at her. however, good news!  my mother and grandmother are both awesome!  and my … Continue reading fall pastitio.

chilled asparagus soup w/goat-yogurt cheese.

this recipe is adapted from food network chef anne burrell’s chilled asparagus soup ~ but tweaked it quite a bit.  i looked and looked for a chilled asparagus soup that would ensure a bright green, beautiful color.  and i really didn’t find one, so i added a few ingredients to get the green color i wanted.  it was still a little darker than i like, … Continue reading chilled asparagus soup w/goat-yogurt cheese.

greek “cream cheese” yogurt dip fake-out.

it’s a creamy dip and it’s good for me?  WHAAAA?  WHERE DO I SIGN?!!! this is a really easy technique that will take your healthy greek yogurt from morning granola to dinner party with friends! it tastes like cream cheese, y’all.  CREAM CHEESE. all you need is a fine mesh sieve and some paper towels.  you could use cheese cloth, but i never know where … Continue reading greek “cream cheese” yogurt dip fake-out.