The Greek Chicken of my Dreams.

I am not exaggerating when I say that this is the best chicken I’ve ever made. Glossy, char-y, caramelized, and sitting on a bed of golden, gorgeous saffron rice. Look at that strand of saffron hanging on the chicken!!  This is positively salacious! Saffron is normally super expensive, but did you know that Trader Joe’s has saffron for a really reasonable price? Okay, here’s the … Continue reading The Greek Chicken of my Dreams.

fall pastitio.

this just in. it’s official. you heard it here first. i’ve officially turned into my mother. they all said it would happen, and i’ve even seen evidence of the phenomenon in other women.  my own mother even warned me that she looked in the mirror and saw her mother staring back at her. however, good news!  my mother and grandmother are both awesome!  and my … Continue reading fall pastitio.