healthy mexican food 101.

this post really started with a delicious slow cooker pulled chicken, and turned into a tutorial on homemade mexican food.  forgive me while i obsess over all things mexican! divine. clean, healthy, comforting, satisfying. can you believe THAT plate is good for you?  well it is! let’s start with the slow cooker pulled chicken. i found this amazing recipe in my beloved “against all grain” … Continue reading healthy mexican food 101.

delicious breakfast ~ poached eggs.

okay okay, at some point, i will stop talking about this breakfast i had in florence a few months ago.  with the cucumbers, tomatoes and ricotta cheese.  but i just have to post it one more time!  i ate it this morning while i was making my first poached eggs, and it was so fantastic.   this is just ricotta cheese, with salt and fresh … Continue reading delicious breakfast ~ poached eggs.