Two delicious summer salads.

I have two great ~ I mean GREAT ~ mothers. My real mother (Hi Mom!) and the mother I inherited when I married the Giant Scandinavian (who is currently my hero because he has somehow figured out how to teach CHOIR from home). And both of my mothers have brightened up my life, this past week, with their amazing recipes. I recently purchased a recipe-organizing … Continue reading Two delicious summer salads.

salad ~ the new fast food.

would you just look at this gorgeous salad… in an ideal dream world, we would have a big green salad at every single meal.  it would also be our “fast food” at home, because all the veggies and lettuce would be washed and cut, and the dressing would be homemade and delicious. well guess what?  i’m here to tell you ~ you can have your … Continue reading salad ~ the new fast food.