healthy drinks.

How about some healthy choices to take the place of those addictive beverages we all crave? I’ve never been into soda, and I really am repulsed by it now that I know what’s in it, and what it does to people.  But you could say the same thing about alcoholic beverages, so I’m definitely not judging.  I like martinis, red wine, a nice cold rose … Continue reading healthy drinks.

pixycleanse day 2.

i must have slept really well, because i woke up feeling great!  how about you, pixycleansers? by the way, if you’re not doing the PIXYCLEANSE, sorry for these posts!  i promise i’ll get back to posting yummy food by saturday!  thank you for your patience! yesterday, i cheated a lot because i really had only gotten a couple hours sleep.  but today, i really feel … Continue reading pixycleanse day 2.


Monday marks the first day of the first cleanse I’ve ever led all by myself!  I am so excited!  I have FIVE wonderful people who are willing to place their lives in my hands next week.  Ha ha.  Well, it’s not that important – I’m just making juices, smoothies and salads, and delivering them, but still – I’m so honored. I’ll be posting the recipes, … Continue reading PIXYCLEANSE PREP.