introducing…the PIXYCLEANSE.

Hi Friends! Next week, I’m trying something new. I don’t know about you but all the negativity and toxicity in the world has got me moving slow, and binge-eating my feelings. Feeling this unhealthy and sluggish is not making the world’s problems go away. I’ve got to reverse this! So I’ve decided to give myself the gift of health, vitality, and youth – and if … Continue reading introducing…the PIXYCLEANSE.


  It’s likely you’ve been to the Cafe Europa in Brookside, if you live in Kansas City, and if you can afford such luxuries.  I’ve only ever been there when someone else was paying (not-so-starving artist, thanks to generous people in my life). Well there’s a new, 2nd Cafe Europa, in my neighborhood!!! I’m sitting at the bar this morning, enjoying a gorgeous decaf cappuccino, … Continue reading CAFE EUROPA.

just another green juice.

it’s a tradition with my church choir that we go to oklahoma joe’s barbecue after ash wednesday service, knowing full-well that most catholics are refraining from eating meat, and the usual line around the block is just a short 20 minute line.  ha haaa.  i mean ~ talk about a smart, savvy group of people! and for some of us in the group, it’s the … Continue reading just another green juice.

dr. martin.

i want to share someone with you lovely health-seekers.  i went to a naturopathic doctor about 6 months ago, thanks to a wonderful friend who recommended him, and he changed my life.  i’m not exaggerating.  everything is different, now that i know why i cannot digest food normally. his name is dr. michael martin and he uses a bio feedback machine to check enzyme levels throughout … Continue reading dr. martin.


anyone hungry for brunch? THE DROP at Martini Corner ~ this is a fabulous place for brunch, and a very nice little bistro/bar all of the other times of the week.  i have an amazing group of friends who frequent this place most sundays after their church jobs.  wanna join us? you might ask ~ “what is a church job”?  in the classical music biz, … Continue reading THE DROP.


cool new happy hour, y’all!  the JULEP COCKTAIL CLUB, located on 41st and pennsylvania, in westport.  (it’s in the same building as port fonda, but you have to walk around the side of the building to find the door)well, it’s actually been around for nine months, but i’m a little slow.  this was a cozy, comfy, classy happy hour, chock full of artisanal cocktails laced … Continue reading JULEP COCKTAIL CLUB.

ça va ~ a champagne bar.

this is a sweet little find.  pronounced “sah~vaaaah”, it’s a somewhat hidden, unassuming gem, but keep looking for it ~ it’s a very quiet, lovely place.   off the beaten path, this champagne bar is past blanc burgers, past californo’s, keep walking, keep walking, and it’s this cute little place on the east side of pennsylvania street, just down from port fonda. we went there … Continue reading ça va ~ a champagne bar.