next stop: self-love.

This Lent has turned into something completely different than when I started over a week ago. I love it when you make plans to be diligent, and then God decides to take you for a ride down a much deeper, more poignant path. That is, if you let God do such crazy things. Here’s basically what happened: I started the Lenten Fast with the intention … Continue reading next stop: self-love.

DAY 1: distractions.

Good morning! And happy Lent! Oh wait…that’s not right. This is supposed to be a solemn time. Okay, well happy Wednesday! And happy 1st day of no sugar! This is just a tiny little Pixy-reminder to eat a healthy breakfast! I’ll just leave this bright, cheery plate right here… Those are eggs fried in just a touch of coconut oil, two handfuls of organic baby … Continue reading DAY 1: distractions.