favorite keto chaffle bread.

Folks, this bread is it. I officially don’t miss bread. And on top of that, I now don’t have to deal with tummy aches, brought on by lovely sandwiches. Like I said ~ this is it. I started with a few recipes online, and combined them a bit to make my favorite version. I also hear that you can simply make keto bread with cheese … Continue reading favorite keto chaffle bread.

miracle mushroom noodles.

have you heard of shirataki noodles?  AKA miracle noodles? they come in a clear bag filled with liquid, and they look like japanese rice noodles.  they’re 10 calories a serving!  and they’re low carb, gluten-free, and so quick to prepare. i found these miracle noodles in the natural foods section of hy-vee, and they were refrigerated.  next to the tofu.  but i’ve also seen them … Continue reading miracle mushroom noodles.