Day 101/365.

101 days on this beautiful roller coaster! The past few weeks have felt more like continually falling into a dark well, but somehow, I’ve stopped falling for the time being. Mondays are always recording day for me. I record vocal warmups for my program called Raise Your Virtual Voice, and I work through any technical website issues that go along with that. It usually turns … Continue reading Day 101/365.

meditation for lent ~ or, a piazza in my mind.

it’s really hard for me to start anything new.  i’m only assuming it’s hard for everyone, right?  and it’s not like meditation is a completely new thing to me ~ i’ve been reading about it for years, talking about it, doing it from time to time, and there was a short period of my life, while living in new york, that it literally sustained me. … Continue reading meditation for lent ~ or, a piazza in my mind.


today is an important day.  it’s the first day after a very unhealthy weekend.  it’s crucial to start the turn-around, no matter how terrible it feels.  and i’ve already failed with the gym because my car won’t start.  i could walk to the gym but it’s 5 degrees.  no thanks!  i’ll be making a little hot yoga happen right here in my house in a … Continue reading detox.