Day 5.

This has been the hardest of the 5 days.  I’m so cranky, so angry, so frustrated.  I want to kill all the things.  I have serious road rage.  I have yelled at the hub, and the hub has barked back (which he never does). And I hear the hardest days are yet to come ~ yikes!  But for me, the weekends are always going to … Continue reading Day 5.

Homemade PHO broth.

HOMEMADE PHO BROTH, PEOPLE.  HOMEMADE PHO. If you’ve never had pho before, let me describe it to you.  It’s as if the most flavorful broth imaginable, made out with a cinnamon roll.  I know that sounds weird!  But the warming spices added to this broth make everything better.     Here’s how I did it: HOMEMADE VEGAN PHO BROTH Fill a stock pot with 4 cups … Continue reading Homemade PHO broth.