Pizza Pasta Salad.

Pasta salad…in a martini glass? WHY NOT! This is a Tannehill family favorite ~ my mom made this all the time, especially in the summer for barbecues and parties. The original recipe should NEVER be tampered with, but alas, I had hardly any of the correct ingredients. I still captured its spirit, though! And then went and ruined it by putting it in a martini … Continue reading Pizza Pasta Salad.

dill pasta salad w/yogurt dressing

Gooooood morning from Indiana!!!  It’s absolutely beautiful here ~ cool breeze, hot sun, and we’re out in the middle of the country, eating amazing food, having fun with family, and watching the corn grow! Last night I made a pasta salad to go with my brother-in-law’s incredible charcoal-grilled-to-perfection ribeye steaks.  MAN they were good.  And the pasta salad wasn’t too shabby either. Got a little … Continue reading dill pasta salad w/yogurt dressing