easy poached eggs ~ WUT?

y’all ~ i just discovered the easiest, most fool-proof way to make poached eggs! i wasn’t even out of bed yet, messing around on some cooking website, and there it was… poached eggs from FROZEN EGGS!!!!  “what the…are you kidding me?  no way…” i had to try it.  so i took my last two farm-fresh eggs (thanks to my friends kate and anna, and their … Continue reading easy poached eggs ~ WUT?

gluten-free fried zucchini flowers.

are you ready for some mouth-watering pictures? here we go! i don’t even know what to say, except this is ONE SEXY MEAL.  and i’m almost embarrassed to report that it was breakfast, too.  fried food for breakfast?  TERREEEEBEEELAY! (italian for terrible) in this one, you can see the poached egg hiding under the mound of fried zucchini flowers… and even closer… and then, at … Continue reading gluten-free fried zucchini flowers.

breakfast 101: poached eggs w/avocado and tomato.

happy thursday!  it’s a dark and stormy morning out there… the rainy view out my front door… and i’m feeling relieved to finally get a moment to slow my heart rate down.  my week hasn’t been the smoothest week ever.  can’t complain, but still.  i need a healing morning.  let it thunder and lightening.  let the rain come down.  let’s brew some coffee, and make … Continue reading breakfast 101: poached eggs w/avocado and tomato.

delicious breakfast ~ poached eggs.

okay okay, at some point, i will stop talking about this breakfast i had in florence a few months ago.  with the cucumbers, tomatoes and ricotta cheese.  but i just have to post it one more time!  i ate it this morning while i was making my first poached eggs, and it was so fantastic.   this is just ricotta cheese, with salt and fresh … Continue reading delicious breakfast ~ poached eggs.