Collards and Kimchi.

If you love collard greens, keep reading. If you love kimchi, keep reading. If you think you don’t like either, you might need to try them together. I absolutely love both dishes, but I didn’t always. The first time I tried kimchi was on a plane to Seoul, South Korea. The most beautiful flight attendant I had ever seen, came up to me and said, “American meal, … Continue reading Collards and Kimchi.

greek yogurt 101.

recently, i’ve discovered the amazing versatility of greek yogurt.  i personally don’t enjoy yogurt by itself, with fruit, or anything sweet.  but i do like it in dressings, dips, sauces, etc. we all know you can add greek yogurt to a creamy sauce, and it makes it thicker and tangier.  but did you know you can simply use greek yogurt alone, and leave out the … Continue reading greek yogurt 101.