Buddha Bowl Addict.

I confess.  I’m a self-proclaimed addict of the trendy food-lovers’ salad of today ~ the Buddha Bowl. I could eat one every single day.  And it would be really smart for me to do so.  It’s full of all the things that really make me feel amazing:  fresh, vibrantly-colored vegetables, mostly raw, nuts, seeds, fruits, maybe a little protein or grain added, and a homemade … Continue reading Buddha Bowl Addict.

seize the day with crudité!!

i first want to say that i am so grateful to those of you who commented on my last post regarding my latest bout of that nasty depression.  thank you so much for your sweet words of wisdom, and for caring enough to even take out the time to read my sob story! now, on to FOOOOOD TALK!!!! i have so missed my healthy lifestyle … Continue reading seize the day with crudité!!