seasonal affective disorder.

i really haven’t been myself these past few months, or, ever since it looked like the above gloomy picture outside.  i usually embrace winter and happily hunker down with a pile of favorite classic movies, or a good book.  i do my spring cleaning and organizing in january, while it’s miserable out, and live for new soup recipes and hot toddies. this winter, i just … Continue reading seasonal affective disorder.


last night, i had a meltdown.  a “why isn’t this running, no wheat, no sugar thing working!!!!!” meltdown.  i am working my butt off, literally, to lose just 5 pounds.  i want to lose more than that, but 5 pounds would lighten my heart, release my worry, and make me feel like i’m doing all the right things for future success. and of course, the … Continue reading confession.

running group!

i have a friend who’s a runner.  i mean, like, a half-marathon, run-on-your-wedding-day runner.  well, she didn’t run on her wedding day, but i know she wanted to. i’m a i-can’t-believe-i-made-it-around-the-block-without-stopping runner.  and i need heart pounding, fist pumping music.  she runs with no music.  that is a true runner, y’all. she told me last night that she wants to form a running group on saturday … Continue reading running group!