Kielbasa & Cabbage Freezer Packets.

HAPPY OCTOBERFEST! It’s that time of year, and it doesn’t matter if you can’t socialize safely right now. That just means more food and beer for YOU! So FaceTime your favorite German, crack open a Hefeweizen, and enjoy these packets of goodness all by yourself! Lächerlich!!! (That means yummy in Octoberfestland…) Continue reading Kielbasa & Cabbage Freezer Packets.

chicken and sauerkraut ~ two ways.

i love repurposing leftovers.  i feel so smug when i find a way to clean out the fridge and use every bit of food until it’s gone.  i really feel like a self-proclaimed queen of yummy leftovers.  but that probably should go to my mom.  okay i’m the princess, at least. and while i’m not a huge fan of chicken, this WHOLE 30 diet thing … Continue reading chicken and sauerkraut ~ two ways.

bavarian mushroom stew.

it may seem like a weird thing to love, but i love sauerkraut.  i also love pickles and all pickled vegetables.  i love the salty brine, the hit of sour, and the crunch. and pickled vegetables love me back!  research shows that if you can get in a cup of fermented vegetables every day, your gut will thank you. well here’s a soup that’s packed … Continue reading bavarian mushroom stew.