Harvest Salad.

What’s your “new normal” now? Hate that phrase as much as I do? My new normal is not so new to me ~ it’s called “make salads great again”. Ugh ~ I hate myself right now. Enough with the stupid catch phrases. Here’s a salad recipe that will make you feel okay about eating yet another salad for lunch. You can also serve this at … Continue reading Harvest Salad.

spinach salad w/skinny bacon dressing.

hello, rainy monday!  i’m so happy to see you! and it’s the first day of summer vacation too!  YIPPEEEE!  my schedule is greatly reduced, and i get my hub back.  it’s absolutely heaven. i’m so glad to have more time to BLOG!!!  I’ve missed it so much.  every day i don’t try and post a new recipe, i feel a little sad.  like i haven’t … Continue reading spinach salad w/skinny bacon dressing.

just another green juice.

it’s a tradition with my church choir that we go to oklahoma joe’s barbecue after ash wednesday service, knowing full-well that most catholics are refraining from eating meat, and the usual line around the block is just a short 20 minute line.  ha haaa.  i mean ~ talk about a smart, savvy group of people! and for some of us in the group, it’s the … Continue reading just another green juice.

“anything goes” green detox soup.

welcome to the dreary and boring winters of kansas city.  not nearly enough snow, no sun, no nothing. the only drama one can drum up is in the kitchen. i don’t know if a healthy, hearty, green detox soup is dramatic, but it sure makes me feel like i can do anything. two weeks ago, i did a juice fast.  just for three days.  it … Continue reading “anything goes” green detox soup.

chilled asparagus soup w/goat-yogurt cheese.

this recipe is adapted from food network chef anne burrell’s chilled asparagus soup ~ but tweaked it quite a bit.  i looked and looked for a chilled asparagus soup that would ensure a bright green, beautiful color.  and i really didn’t find one, so i added a few ingredients to get the green color i wanted.  it was still a little darker than i like, … Continue reading chilled asparagus soup w/goat-yogurt cheese.

spinach and cannellini dip.

this is an amazingly healthy recipe, and quite full of flavor too.  this is another “giada” recipe, from her healthy cookbook ~ here’s what you need… 2 bags of organic baby spinach 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 can cannellini beans, drained and rinsed juice of a lemon (or two) S&P olive oil balsamic vinegar (the white kind, if you’ve got it) directions heat olive oil in … Continue reading spinach and cannellini dip.

cranberry relish from thanksgiving.

so there’s this soup we have every thanksgiving.  it’s so yummy ~ it’s pumpkin creme bisque, or some name like that.  and it has this incredible cranberry relish that goes on top of it.  i eat large spoonfuls of it while cooking the soup ~ i can’t help myself.  here’s the recipe… cranberry relish dried cranberries, celery, red onion, pecan pieces (or walnut), a green … Continue reading cranberry relish from thanksgiving.