Lent 2019.

Friends, it’s almost Lent ~ that time-honored, sacred tradition where we all give up Coke, or chocolate, or something else we’re addicted to, between Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday. How very holy of us to put our soda addictions on hold for 40 whole days. By the way, did you know that it doesn’t go all the way to Easter?  Just to Holy Thursday?  That’s … Continue reading Lent 2019.

no! sugar…till thanksgiving!

that title is meant to be shouted like the song “no sleep till brooklyn”.  ha ha ha.  stupid. with just a little over a week left before thanksgiving, i’ve decided to do a little detox.  i’ve been suffering from some pretty debilitating headaches lately, all sugar-induced, and my recent trip to new york gifted me with a wheat belly the size of a 4-month pregnancy. … Continue reading no! sugar…till thanksgiving!