day 3 “no! sugar…till thanksgiving!”

day 3 of the “no sugar till thanksgiving” detox, and i’m not gonna lie ~ IT’S HARD.  anyone else doing this with me?  i’m feeling pretty lonely and isolated, which is a symptom of sugar withdrawal.  i’m treating myself to this carrot/lemon/jicama/apple fresh juice this morning. not sure i’m supposed to have this many carrots, but man it feels good! yesterday was the worst.  for … Continue reading day 3 “no! sugar…till thanksgiving!”

no! sugar…till thanksgiving!

that title is meant to be shouted like the song “no sleep till brooklyn”.  ha ha ha.  stupid. with just a little over a week left before thanksgiving, i’ve decided to do a little detox.  i’ve been suffering from some pretty debilitating headaches lately, all sugar-induced, and my recent trip to new york gifted me with a wheat belly the size of a 4-month pregnancy. … Continue reading no! sugar…till thanksgiving!