Breakfast Tacos.

I have really missed blogging. These past few years have been all about starting my new job as a real estate MOGUL (ha ha ha yeah right) and just trying to find my equilibrium in life. One thing I know for sure ~ I just can’t quit the blogging. It makes me happy. On to the recipe! These tacos are the BOMB. You can make … Continue reading Breakfast Tacos.

Pineapple Ribs & Keto Taco Shells.

This is my first attempt at keto taco shells, and I gotta say ~ I’m very happy. My tummy is happy, my husband is happy, my husband’s tummy is happy, and it isn’t even Tuesday. Taco Tuesday ERRRDAY y’all. First of all, let me tell you about these ribs I made in the slow cooker. And then used the leftovers to make these tacos. SLOW … Continue reading Pineapple Ribs & Keto Taco Shells.

healthy mexican food 101.

this post really started with a delicious slow cooker pulled chicken, and turned into a tutorial on homemade mexican food. ¬†forgive me while i obsess over all things mexican! divine. clean, healthy, comforting, satisfying. can you believe THAT plate is good for you? ¬†well it is! let’s start with the slow cooker pulled chicken. i found this amazing recipe in my beloved “against all grain” … Continue reading healthy mexican food 101.