Lobster Quiche.

Lobster Quiche? Oooh la laaaa ~ how fancy! Lobster is definitely on my list of top five favorite foods. The texture, the flavor, the richness ~ I just can’t get enough. And I almost feel like it should never be eaten any other way but by itself, with some clarified butter. To hide it in a quiche seems like a sacrilege. But we bought this … Continue reading Lobster Quiche.

Mom’s Breakfast Danish.

My mom claims that this is not her recipe. But aren’t all recipes fair game? If you’re the one waking up early on a Saturday morning and baking an apple danish for your family, aren’t you the one who deserves all the glory? I didn’t necessarily wake up early this morning, but it still counts. I cannot tell you what a perfect little treat this … Continue reading Mom’s Breakfast Danish.

dark chocolate ganache tart w/coconut crust.

  this is so beautiful, isn’t it?  i’m not bragging ~ god made those raspberries, not me!  i just was smart enough to put them in their most pure state on top of a chocolate tart, and then zoom in with my trusty little camera.  that’s all. here’s the gluten-free coconut crust: 2½ cups unsweetened shredded coconut ¼ cup almond meal/flour 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon, … Continue reading dark chocolate ganache tart w/coconut crust.