Crunchy Sesame Eggs.

I’m home sick today, feeling like poo on a platter. A poo poo platter. Get it? Po Po Platter ~ poo poo platter? (Never too sick to pun) I never see the Po Po Platter on Chinese restaurant menus anymore. What was that anyway? Anyway, I can never just lay in bed and not be productive when I’m sick. Sometimes I get my best work done … Continue reading Crunchy Sesame Eggs.

tuna stuffed tomatoes.

this post is brought to you by ~ italian tuna. you do not need to use this imported tuna i’m crazy about, labeled “tonno”, but i highly recommend you at least try it once.  i’ve talked about it before, and here i am mentioning it again.  it’s SUBLIME. what?  you didn’t think canned tuna could be sublime?  well, then you REALLY have to try this tuna. it … Continue reading tuna stuffed tomatoes.

breakfast 101: poached eggs w/avocado and tomato.

happy thursday!  it’s a dark and stormy morning out there… the rainy view out my front door… and i’m feeling relieved to finally get a moment to slow my heart rate down.  my week hasn’t been the smoothest week ever.  can’t complain, but still.  i need a healing morning.  let it thunder and lightening.  let the rain come down.  let’s brew some coffee, and make … Continue reading breakfast 101: poached eggs w/avocado and tomato.

pico de gallo.

pico de gallo is definitely my favorite salsa.  maybe even my favorite food?  hard to say.  so many foods i love so much. but i digress. i thought this salsa required perfectly-ripened summer tomatoes ~ and of course, that would be ideal.  but i figured out a way to get the fresh color and fresh taste, without denying yourself until the summer season! here’s a … Continue reading pico de gallo.

tomatoes. that’s all.

there are friends. there are really great friends. and then, there are really great friends who give you tomatoes from their garden. ooh laa laaaaa…. no recipe attached.  i just wanted to remind you of how easy and healthy an afternoon snack can be.  for me, today, it was a precursor to a bowl of soup.  here’s my version of heaven… a few grape tomatoes from a friend’s garden … Continue reading tomatoes. that’s all.