grilled asian inspired veggies.

i took these grilled veggies to a church choir party and they were a hit.  just thought i’d share. i can’t help it ~ i like to get the camera super duper close to these sexy little beauties. they’re too yummy for words. and then, oops.  i added pineapple.  mmmmm…. here’s the trick, folks.  if you learn to salivate over fruits and vegetables, well then you can … Continue reading grilled asian inspired veggies.

tricolore salad w/ginger soy dressing.

i’m pretty sure there are more than three colors in this salad, but i love that fancy word for my tricked out lunch! tricolore salad: three-colored salad.  aka: basically the most powerful superfood ingredients you can possibly eat, all in a bowl, hanging out together in harmony.  toss with a tangy dressing, and you have a party. what’s in there?  i can’t rememer ~ i … Continue reading tricolore salad w/ginger soy dressing.

buffalo veggies. (gluten-free, dairy free)

oh boy oh boy.  i did i really good thing in my kitchen earlier this week, and i have to share it with you. by now, surely you’ve seen the buffalo cauliflower craze. there are recipes everywhere.  i believe i already posted one myself, months ago.  but this week, i think i took things a step further, and possibly healthier! no butter! and crunchier! CRUNCHIER!!! … Continue reading buffalo veggies. (gluten-free, dairy free)