yoga fears.

i’ve been working hard these last few weeks to add distance to my running, and i’ve managed to run two 5Ks and a couple 2-mile stents this week!  my goal is to run every other day, and run longer (5Ks or more), and do yoga on the off days. but here’s my issue.  i am genuinely afraid to go try a new yoga place.  i have no … Continue reading yoga fears.


today is an important day.  it’s the first day after a very unhealthy weekend.  it’s crucial to start the turn-around, no matter how terrible it feels.  and i’ve already failed with the gym because my car won’t start.  i could walk to the gym but it’s 5 degrees.  no thanks!  i’ll be making a little hot yoga happen right here in my house in a … Continue reading detox.