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Pho Broth.


  • You can start this broth from scratch with any of your favorite broth recipes ~ chicken, veggie, bone broth. Whatever you like. I like bone broth, so I take a leftover chicken carcass, add veggies, water, seasonings, and simmer all day on the stove. That's for another day. You can also just use store-bought broth for this.
  • Here's the delicious Pho part! Add a cinnamon stick, 5-6 whole black peppercorns, 3-4 whole flowers of star anise, a 1-2 inch knob of ginger, sliced, and soy sauce to taste. Bring to a boil and simmer on the stove for at least 30 minutes with the lid on. Your entire house will smell amazing!
  • Once your broth is ready, add 1-2 tablespoons fish sauce. That will take it to the next level, y'all. So yummy. Add more salt and soy sauce if needed.
  • This freezes like a dream.